White Petroleum Jelly

Protection and care for dry and sore skin – preventive protection

  • Dehydration and cold
  • Sore and damaged skin
  • Cleaning soiled hands

White petroleum jelly is not only a care and cosmetic product for the skin, but also a universal lubricant and protective grease for household use and in hobbies and sports. It has a long shelf-life and is also used in the production of semi-solid medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

Thanks to its caring, protective and water-repellent properties, petroleum jelly is frequently used as a basis for ointments and for protection against the cold. In addition to protecting the skin against soreness, it increases the resilience of the skin barrier and absorbs moisture.


Skin protection

Irritation and sores are a frequent skin problem, especially in the cold months of the year: Low temperatures and dry air quickly lead to rough and cracked skin. When this happens, the barrier effect of white petroleum jelly is a fast and effective remedy. Even a thin film of jelly effectively protects chapped hands or lips against the cold, dehydration and mechanical irritants. White petroleum jelly can, for example, be used for protection against chapped hands or lips and applied to the facial skin to prevent rapid cooling.