Wound treatment in accordance with the latest standards

  • Ideally moist wound treatment with breathable hydrogels
  • Skin-friendly treatment
  • No age limits – also suitable for the treatment of babies and infants

Tyrosur CareExpert Wound Gel

Tyrosur CareExpert Wound Gel is a breathable hydrogel with dexpanthenol. The medicinal product assists and supports the natural healing process of superficial wounds and promotes skin regeneration.


Tyrosur Wound Healing Gel

The medicinal product Tyrosur Wound Healing Gel is based on a hydrogel base with the embedded antibacterial agent tyrothricin. Tyrothricin effectively and sustainably acts against the germs causing inflammation of the wound.1 In this way, it fights the infection and accelerates the healing of small inflamed wounds.*


Tyrosur Wound Healing Powder

Thanks to its special water-soluble lactose base, Tyrosur Wound Healing Powder is particularly good for the treatment of mildly exudative, inflamed wounds.* Instead of clumping, the fine powder dissolves in the wound secretion, which makes treatment easier and supports the healing process. As Tyrosur Wound Healing Powder is applied only to the skin, it can be safely used by patients with lactose intolerance.


* Tyrosur Wound Healing Gel and Wound Healing Powder are medicinal products for the treatment of wounds. For the alleviating treatment of small, superficial, lightly exudative wounds showing bacterial superinfection with tyrothricin-sensitive pathogens, e.g. scratches, lacerations and grazes.

Among the recommendations made with respect to the treatment of wounds, patients today are often advised to keep the injury moist. Because, letting wounds dry out can favour the formation of scab – this, in turn, hinders the healing process and can lead to scars.1

Hydrogels in medicinal products like Tyrosur Wound Healing Gel* and Tyrosur CareExpert Wound Healing Gel promote healing by assuring intensive moisturisation of the wound and adequate gaseous exchange. At the same time, they enable wound secretions to flow and carry away the pathogens they contains.


1  Ferreira Alves et al. MIMS Dermatology June 2009 | Vanscheidt. Pharm. Ztg. 2010; 29:24–25.


Tyrosur Wundheilgel, Tyrosur Wundheilpuder, Pulver zur Anwendung auf der Haut. Wirkstoff: Tyrothricin.Anwendungsgebiete: Zur (lindernden) Behandlung von kleinflächigen, oberflächlichen, wenig nässenden Wunden mit bakterieller Superinfektion mit Tyrothricin-empfindlichen Erregern wie z.B. Riss-, Kratz-, Schürfwunden. Warnhinweis: Tyrosur Wundheilgel: Enthält Propylenglykol! Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker. Stand: Nov 2020. Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG., 61138 Niederdorfelden.

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