People with a burning passion get things moving

Responsibility and sustainable behaviour are firmly rooted in our self-perception.

Innovative solutions are born at the interface between passion and the spirit of curiosity. Unique products, whose benefits are confirmed in scientific studies. Smart ideas that make therapy with a good product even better. Carefully considered services that are precisely aligned with the needs of our patients and partners.

For this, we give our best every day – straight from the heart.

In the very same way, we have the heartfelt wish to give back a part of our entrepreneurial success to the benefit of others. We support organisations and initiatives at a regional, national and even international level, who share our passion for issues that touch our hearts, but do not possess the resources they need for the realisation of their aims. This where we can help. Because, for us, this too is an essential part of our understanding of responsible medicine, to which we have been committed since the earliest days of our company.