Trachilid Sore Throat Lozenges

Rapid relief from sore throat

  • Monotherapy with high-dose lidocaine
  • Rapid and direct pain relief
  • Good tolerability

Trachilid Sore Throat Lozenges bring rapid and effective relief for sore throats. The lozenges contain high-dose lidocaine (local anaesthetic) as an active ingredient. This acts locally by desensitising the sensitive nerve fibres and leads to a significant reduction of pain. Relief begins rapidly and directly targets the pain.


Interesting facts and information

A sore throat can be extremely uncomfortable – and is generally indicated by painful inflammatory reddening and swelling in the throat. Problems with swallowing, hoarseness and pain when speaking are also common symptoms: The throat feels raw and dry. In most cases, an acute sore throat reaches its peak after two to three days. Although predominantly caused by viruses (around 90%) or bacteria, irritation of the airways (dry air, smoking, dust, etc.) or overstraining the voice can also lead to a sore throat. If swollen, reddened or ulcerated tonsils are involved, these must be treated by a doctor to avoid later complications.