Nisita – protection and care for dry nasal mucous membranes

Moisturises and cares for the nasal mucous membranes

  • Moisturise the mucous membranes
  • Contains essential mineral salts
  • For adults, children and babies
  • Also suitable for prolonged treatment

Nisita maintains and moisturises dry nasal mucous membranes

A dry and itchy nose is annoying– and it can happen at any time of the year. Nisita moisturises the nasal mucous membranes with essential mineral salts, promotes tissue regeneration and helps to gently loosen crusts and scabs. Nisita supports the treatment of nasal congestion, e.g. in colds, and improves nasal breathing.

A practical helper for the whole family: Nisita is suitable for use by adults, children and babies, and may also be used for prolonged treatment.


Nisita Nasal Ointment

Recommended for the regeneration of nasal mucous membranes. The essential mineral salts in Nisita Nasal Ointment moisturise and maintain the dry nasal mucous membranes. Please seek medical advice before the use of Nisita Nasal Ointment after nasal surgery or accidents.  


Nisita Nasal Spray

For dry nasal mucous membranes and nasal congestion: Nisita Nasal Spray moisturises the nasal passages with a mist of fine droplets and assists the natural cleansing function. This enables better removal of particles of dirt and irritants. Nisita Nasal Spray is also suitable for the gradual reduction of dependency on decongestant nasal sprays.

Many things can lead to a dry nose – heated and air-conditioned rooms, dust and side-effects from certain drugs or medicines. A dry nose is more than annoying: When our mucous membranes dry out, they are no longer able to smoothly perform their natural function; they feel raw and inflamed.

This increases the risk of infection and can have negative effects not only on breathing, but also on our senses of taste and smell. Another unpleasant side-effect: The dry crusts and scabs that build up in the nose can also be very painful.

Nisita relies on sodium chloride and sodium hydrogen carbonate for the effective treatment of a dry nose. In their role as the most important ions, sodium and chlorides are responsible for maintaining osmotic pressure in human body cells. Due to their hygroscopic effect, they play an essential role in ensuring that the nasal cavity stays moist. Support is provided for the regeneration of the mucus membranes.

Discover more about caring for your nasal mucous membranes

On the Nisita website, you will find a collection of valuable information we have compiled especially for you – including when Nisita should be used, allergies and the functions of the nose.