For inflammation of the gums and the mucous membrane of the mouth

  • Broad-spectrum antibacterial effect
  • Long-lasting therapeutic effect

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic and a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. It aids the healing of inflammation of the gums and the mucous membrane of the mouth caused by bacterial infections. It is also suitable as an aid to healing in the post-operative phase of periodontal surgery.

For specific administration, Chlorhexidin is available either as a ready-to-use 0.2% solution or as a 2% chlorhexidine digluconate solution (concentrate for dilution).

The 0.2% chlorhexidine digluconate solution (concentrate for dilution) for the treatment of inflammation of the gums and the mucous membrane of the mouth is sugar-free, tooth-friendly and ready to use.

Thanks to its distinctive antimicrobial properties, the 2% chlorhexidine digluconate solution is particularly effective in the battle against infection. The concentrate for dilution adheres very well to the mucous membrane and thus provides a long-lasting therapeutic effect. 

200 to 300 different strains of bacteria live in a healthy balance in the oral cavity. However, if too much sugar is eaten, it causes proliferation of these bacteria. These then produce acids that attack tooth enamel. This leads to holes in the outermost enamel layer known as caries or tooth decay. 

Especially in the case of inadequate dental care, this can also lead to the growth of a deposit on the teeth (plaque). Plaque bacteria can not only damage the tooth enamel, they can also damage the gums. The penetration of acids leads to swollen, painful gums and gum-bleeding.

Chlorhexidindigluconat Fertiglösung 0,2%, Zur Anwendung in der Mundhöhle, Chlorhexidindigluconat Lösung 2%, Konzentrat zur Herstellung einer Lösung zur Anwendung in der Mundhöhle Wirkstoff: Chlorhexidinbis(D-gluconat), Anwendungsgebiete: Zur vorübergehenden Keimzahlverminderung im Mundraum. Zur Unterstützung der Heilungsphase nach parodontalchirurgischen Eingriffen. Als vorübergehende unterstützende Therapie zur mechanischen Reinigung bei bakteriell bedingten Entzündungen von Zahnfleisch und Mundschleimhaut. Bei eingeschränkter Mundhygienefähigkeit. Warnhinweis: Chlorhexidindigluconat Fertiglösung 0,2% enthält 7,9 Vol.-% Alkohol! 

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