In the name of health

The needs of our patients always take absolute precedence in our research and development activities.

New administration forms, products that are easier to use or the transformation of what should be a ‘bitter pill’, like our dried ivy extract, into a pleasurable taste-experience –  all these step-by-step innovations contribute to the creation of optimum framework conditions that assure our customers’ loyalty to our therapies. An important aspect when speaking of responsible medicine.

Thanks to our achievements with regard to the ivy special extract, we are a pioneer of rational phytotherapy – namely a provider of herbal medicines with efficacy verified by clinical studies. But we are much more than that. For us, responsible medicine also includes offering a product portfolio that is amongst the best in its class. Whether a product has herbal or chemical origins is a secondary issue - what counts is that it is effective and has very good tolerability. We want to offer our patients – no matter whether newborn babies or senior citizens – the most suitable therapy for them and their complaints. And here, we take everything into account: efficacy, tolerability and the evidence of a product are just as important as the way it must be taken.

Ultimately, it is the sum of all parts of the whole that make a product a medicine of choice.

We have known this for generations, because Engelhard has been a groundbreaking pioneer since its earliest days. Our ambition has always been to lead the field when it comes to setting new standards in the name of health. Whether with the development and production of isla, the first pharmaceutically manufactured medicine, the discovery and investigation of ivy for Prospan or with Tyrosur, which in these times of increasing antibiotic resistances is a pioneering product for the modern treatment of wounds.

An ambition that motivates and inspires us in our ongoing quest for excellence.