We make the difference

Dedication and the spirit of curiosity drive us forward.

We listen in order to understand the needs of our patients and customers – and listening enables us to fulfil our own demands with regard to responsible medicine. And we look very closely to identify where and how we can make the good into something even better. After all, it is the details that make the difference.

In this, we are primarily driven by our passion, the spirit of curiosity. And not just since yesterday. This is what has always been typical for our family-owned company, even in its earliest days. We have always thought ahead – for instance with isla, at the time, one of the first pharmaceutically manufactured medicines on the market, or the fact that we were one of the first German companies to become a licensed distributor of penicillin.

Generations ago, we understood responsible medicine as our guiding principle, and have acted accordingly ever since. We are committed to acting and making a difference. Because of this, ethical, responsible and sustainable behaviour remain essential cornerstones of our self-perception.

Health means the world to us. And that makes us unmistakeable.