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Nisita in detail

Nisita® Nasal Ointment
The valuable minerals in Nisita® Nasal Ointment moisten and care for dry nasal mucous membranes. They help the mucous membrane of the nose to regenerate itself, even after nasal surgery.  

  • Loosens crusts and scabs
  • Helps to treat a blocked nose, e.g. during colds 
  • Improves nasal breathing

Nisita® Nasal Spray
Nisita® Nasal Spray moistens and cleans the nose. As a result, it is freed of dirt particles and even allergens.
Nisita® Nasal Spray can also be used for phasing out decongestant nasal sprays in cases of existing addiction. 

  • Isotonic solution for rinsing the nose
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Easy to use, even for infants and children

Quick infos

  • Contains the valuable minerals sodium chloride and sodium hydrogen carbonate
  • Moistens the mucous membrane
  • For adults, children and infants

Interesting facts

Dry nose
A dry nose is a problem that not only affects all age groups, but can crop up at any time of the year. Possible causes are, amongst other things, side effects of certain medicines, heated and air-conditioned rooms, dust or other irritants, which can cause the mucous membrane of the nose to dry out.

The crusts and scabs resulting from this dryness inside the nose are not only annoying, but can also be very painful. Furthermore, when the nose is dry, this can create a higher risk of infection. Breathing as well as smell and taste are also affected.

Package leaflet

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