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  • Mykoderm Healing Ointment
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Mykoderm in detail

Mykoderm® Healing Ointment
Mykoderm® Healing Ointment is a remedy for fungal diseases of the skin such as those developed in the folds of the skin caused by yeasts (main species: Candida albicans) – in particular nappy rash.

  • Has a fungistatic effect (the active ingredient nystatin infiltrates yeast fungi through their cell membrane and stops them from growing and multiplying)
  • Acts specifically against pathogenic yeast fungi 
  • Has a pleasant consistency and adheres well

Mykoderm® Miconazole Cream 
Mykoderm® Miconazole Cream is a remedy for fungal diseases of the skin and skin folds. As it is effective against a number of pathogenic fungi (and some bacteria), various conditions such as nappy rash and athlete’s foot are able to be treated. 

  • Has a fungistatic effect (the active ingredient miconazole inhibits the growth and proliferation of fungi) 
  • Is easy to apply and spread 
  • Has a broad range of action (effective against various pathogens)

Mykoderm® Oral Gel
Mykoderm® Oral Gel is a remedy for yeast fungus infections of the oral mucous membrane (e.g. oral thrush).

  • Has a fungistatic effect (the active ingredient miconazole inhibits the growth and proliferation of fungi)
  • Is easy to dose with the enclosed measuring spoon and easy to spread onto the oral mucous membrane
  • Is effective against yeast fungi such as Candida albicans, the germ that causes oral thrush

Quick infos

  • Treatment of skin fungus from head to toe
  • Very effective and well tolerated
  • Favourable sales prices

Interesting facts

Fungal diseases of the skin
Fungi are often the causative agent of skin conditions during both childhood and adulthood. In infants and small children, they appear in the bottom region particularly often (nappy rash) or in the mouth (oral thrush). Adults suffer frequently from athlete’s foot, but nappy rash can also occur during adulthood among elderly persons wearing pads (e.g. patients in need of care). Itchy redness and inflammation, white deposits, small papules, pustules and sometimes painful lacerations are all indicators of fungal infection. 

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Mykoderm® Heilsalbe
Wirkstoffe: Nystatin, Zinkoxid

Bei Hefepilzinfektionen der Haut, die sich z.B. in den Körperfalten wie der Leisten­region als Windeldermatitis manifestieren können.

Mykoderm® Miconazolcreme
Wirkstoff: Miconazolnitrat

Interdigitalmykosen (Pilzinfektionen zwischen den Fingern und den Zehen), Mykosen (Pilzerkrankungen) der Haut und Hautfalten, oberflächliche Kandidosen (durch Candida-Arten hervorgerufene Pilzerkrankungen der Haut).

Enthält Benzoesäure.

Mykoderm® Mund-Gel
Gel zur Anwendung in der Mundhöhle
Wirkstoff: Miconazol

Zur Behandlung von Hefepilzinfektionen der Mundschleimhaut (Mundsoor).

Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker.

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Juli 2017