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  • Esprico 1x1

Esprico in detail

Esprico® consists primarily of pure sea fish oil and cold-pressed evening primrose oil. Esprico® has a pleasant fruity taste and is available in single-dose sachets as a delicious suspension as well as chewable capsules.


Esprico® Chewable Capsules 

  • Only two capsules twice a day
  • Tasty chewable capsules
  • Fruity, tasty contents

Esprico® 1x1

  • Only one capsule once a day
  • Fruity, tasty suspension
  • Comes in single-dose sachets – easy to use

Quick infos

  • Dietary food for special medical purpose for the treatment of AD(H)D (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) accompanied by learning difficulties and concentration problems
  • Contains the valuable omega fatty acids EPA, DHA, GLA as well as magnesium and zinc
  • Available as fruity, tasty chewable capsules or in practical single-dose sachets

Interesting facts

On the one hand, attention and concentration fluctuate depending on the development, interests and personality of a child. On the other, AD(H)D (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) has been diagnosed more and more frequently in recent years. This phenomenon is currently seen in 6 per cent of all children aged 6 to 10. The diagnosis is made by a physician experienced in paediatric and adolescent medicine or by a psychologist following standardised examination criteria. The disorders affect various areas of life and last for longer than six months. AD(H)D is characterised by poor concentration, rapid distraction, poor perseverance, a lack of impulse control as well as spontaneous and rash actions.

Package leaflet

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