Engelhard Arzneimittel

Products for Skin conditions

With a two square metre surface area, the skin is our largest and at the same time most versatile organ. It shapes how we look, regulates the heat and water balance within our body, ensures our immune defence system functions properly and allows us to feel and touch. Because it protects our insides from the outside, it is subjected to environmental influences like no other organ. If the skin becomes off-balance through injuries, irritation or infection, Engelhard Arzneimittel products can help. 

A sports accident, a wrong movement while cutting vegetables or while gardening – the skin can easily be damaged in everyday life or at work. In cooling gel or powder form, Tyrosur® helps to treat infected abrasions, lacerations and scratches, minor burns and other infected superficial skin injuries. At the same time, Tyrosur® is doubly active. It fights infection and speeds up healing.*

Fungi can attack the skin as well – both during childhood as well as during adulthood. Athlete’s foot and nappy rash can manifest themselves as itchy redness and inflammation, white deposits, pustules or skin cracks. Thread fungi cause various infections of the skin and skin folds such as athlete’s foot, whereas yeast fungi, amongst others, are responsible for nappy rash and oral thrush. The Mykoderm® preparations Mykoderm® Healing Ointment, Mykoderm® Miconazole Cream and Mykoderm® Oral Gel provide targeted treatment for various fungal infections. 

The wound treatment Zinc Ointment Dialon® aids the natural regeneration process. Zinc oxide binds wound secretion and protects the skin from external influences. Zinc Ointment Dialon® also aids the healing process in weeping or itching wounds. White vaseline protects the skin during inclement or cold weather. It cares for dry, cracked skin and chapped lips.


* For the treatment of small infected wounds such as lacerations, scratches and grazes.