Engelhard Arzneimittel


Engelhard Arzneimittel researches, develops and produces high-quality products for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases, skin conditions, digestive problems and attention deficit disorders, amongst other things. The focus is on producing particularly well-tolerated medicines and medical devices, whose effect, strength and form of administration are geared towards patients’ individual needs.

Pharmacists and patients have trusted in the medicines of Engelhard Arzneimittel since 1872. Particular attention to patients`needs is what makes the company stand out from the rest: highly qualified scientists have always researched the optimum solution for each disease, producing patient-friendly and well-tolerated products.

Long-standing experience and the scientifically proven efficacy of the products guarantee their high quality. Whatever the condition, Engelhard Arzneimittel offers a range of products made up of proven herbal and chemical medicines as well as cosmetics and dietary therapeutics. Respiratory tract therapeutics and medicines for skin conditions have been the company’s core competencies for decades. Engelhard Arzneimittel knows its strengths here precisely and through the intensive research which the company conducts, it will also be able to rely on these core competencies in the future.

The company offers effective preparations for the whole family. Due to to their high effectiveness and tolerability, many products are also suitable for adolescents, children and infants. But not only children and adults are taken care of: the elderly also benefit from the products’ excellent tolerability – for especially in old age, multi-morbidity is no longer an isolated phenomenon. All preparations are obtainable prescription free from pharmacies and are easy to use.