Engelhard Arzneimittel

Social commitment

Giving social responsibility a face
Social commitment has always been an inherent part of the corporate philosophy of Engelhard Arzneimittel. From corporate success comes social responsibility towards customers, employees, neighbours, the environment and society – for sustainable development.

As a successful pharmaceutical company and part of the social community, we see it as our task to assume social responsibility. We want to do our bit to create a vital and active society on various levels. Local, nationwide and international projects and initiatives ensure that sustainability does not remain an empty promise – but is something which can be lived out by our employees every day.

We are particularly committed to Plan, an international relief organisation for children. Plan sets out to promote long-term programmes and projects for achieving lasting improvements in the quality of life of children in developing countries. Together with the relief organisation, we have been sponsoring deprived children from Africa, Asia or Latin America since 2010. As of today, we have sponsored 46 children – and we aim to do much more in the future. 

We also help our employees to assume responsibility. Sustainable action can only then be achieved when supported by the whole company. For example, employees can become involved in all the sponsorships that Engelhard Arzneimittel signs up to. They can contact the sponsored children and accompany them on their way. In this way, our commitment gets a face, a face that is also shaped by our partners from all over the world, with whom we successfully work together on this project.

However, nearby facilities and organisations also need help. Thus, we also support various smaller projects. In the particular case of local projects, it is important to us that we give something back to our own region for all the excellent long-standing cooperation. This includes for example, supporting cultural and sporting initiatives such as the English Theatre in Frankfurt, schools and various sports clubs.