Engelhard Arzneimittel

Research & Development

Innovative – creative – patient-orientated

Finger firmly on the pulse
More than 60 years’ experience in basic research, continuous advancement and innovative perspectives – Engelhard Arzneimittel puts these strengths at the service of its patients. This ensures that the future belongs to more patient-friendly and more tolerable medicine.

As a research-based pharmaceutical company, we are constantly working on developing new medicines and further developing existing ones. In order to be able to offer high-quality research, we measure ourselves against the highest international quality standards, day in day out, with patient health thereby being the main focus at all times.

The combination of tradition and innovation shapes the success of what we do: while we build on proven success, we open horizons for new perspectives. We conduct basic research in well-known and innovative therapeutic fields with proven and new substances. Through the intensive research and quality assurance of the ivy leaf active substance contained in the product Prospan®, we have set the standard for rational phytotherapy wih respiratory tract diseases and demonstrated its mechanism of action.

Our high-quality range of products is based on over 140 years’ expertise and ranges from medicines to medical devices, to cosmetics and dietary foods for specific medicinal purposes. The focus here is on respiratory tract therapeutics and dermatological products, and particularly herbal, pharmacy-only preparations. As one of the few companies focusing on this area in Germany, our research concentrates on two groups requiring particular attention: children and infants.

The future belongs to even better tolerated and more patient-friendly medicine. Experienced specialists at Engelhard Arzneimittel from the fields of medicine and science advocate this common aim. Many intelligent minds work every day on further developing proven products, their dosage and optimum administration as well as researching into new active substances and preparations. Our large, international network of universities, research facilities, companies and consultants provide for a lively exchange of ideas, from which everyone benefits – for the good of our patients.