Engelhard Arzneimittel

145 years Engelhard Arzneimittel

Success based on tradition and innovation: what began in 1872 as a pharmacy has today become, more than 140 years later, an international company with over 350 employees. As one of the leading brand manufacturers in the OTC sector, Engelhard Arzneimittel primarily markets pharmacy-only medicines for self-medication. Despite the enormous growth and the impressive success story of the company, Engelhard Arzneimittel has always maintained its character of a family-owned company throughout. This includes the close collaboration with pharmacies, which form the very heart of the company. Open communication and long-standing partnerships shape the company’s dealings with patients, pharmacists, physicians, partners, research facilities and employees. 

Respiratory tract therapeutics and medicines for skin conditions are the company’s core competencies. High-quality, proven products such as Prospan® and isla® have long been a synonym for high quality awareness. Through its research and quality assurance of the ivy leaf active ingredients contained in the product Prospan®, Engelhard Arzneimittel has set the standard for rational phytotherapy with respiratory tract diseases. 

The in-house departments Production, Research and Development as well as Marketing and Sales safeguard the know-how of the company, guarantee high quality and enable the company to act swiftly and flexibly.

For Engelhard Arzneimittel, not only quality awareness begins with the purchasing of raw materials. Sustainability is also firmly anchored in the philosophy of the company and accompanies the whole manufacturing process – from the purchasing of herbal resources right through to the end product. Energy saving measures have always been taken, these having recently been reviewed in a comprehensive energy analysis.   

Through continuous innovative product development and optimisation for the whole family, Engelhard Arzneimittel has been able to steadily expand its position on the market. As one of the few manufacturers of medicines in Germany, the company continuously conducts research in the interests of children – for the purpose of promoting the health of infants, children and adolescents with highly effective and at the same time, particularly well tolerated products.